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What is Aikido

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The Art of Peace, Non-Conflict and Reconciliation.

A very short explanation of the Art

Iwama dojo Japan

The home of Aikido and Historically significant training place of the Founder of Aikido Professor Morihei Ueshiba.

Before Aikido can be explained to any degree one must first appreciate some insight into its creator and founder Professor Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) O’sensei or great teacher as he was referred to by Masters of other Japanese martial arts, the Japanese government and today practitioners of Aikido from all around the world. Morihei Ueshiba who’s name, ironically when translated means Abundant Peace dedicated his whole life to the study of the Japanese martial Way and the polishing of Mind, Body and Spirit so to purify his own humanity in order to perceive more clearly the profound Mind and movement of the Universe. With this in mind it is here where Aikido begins to express its sophistication as the Art of Non-conflict, Non-violence and Non-competition without detracting in any way from its ability to convey a superior effectivness as an awsome experience for those who are fortunate in studying and following its Path. and Message.

Japan in its feudal history had never suffered such a devastating military defeat as the one it suffered in the second world war. Japan and its people believed they were the descendants of Divinity and because of this defeat the nation was sadly demoralised and humiliated. The Divine soul of Japan was crushed.

The Old Master believed now was the time to declare his new Art. Japan now more than ever was a nation that needed to be uplifted using techniques of creation, the positive energies of contraction and expansion. Techniques captured from this understanding related to the workings of the universe would bring one closer to
realisation and betterment.

Aikido is a metaphor for the Universe itself. To practice Aikido with a sincere heart is to merge with the essence of the Universe and its laws. In doing so one can be in synergy with Nature and more and more through regular training become closer to understanding theUniversal Mind and Self.

Aikido is an Art of co-ordination. To co-ordinate all the human faculties of Mind, Body, and Spirit together, can only improve the efficiency and functioning power to produce a more integrated human being with a heightened sense of health wellbeing and awareness.

Many people mistake Aikido for a martial art and place it into this category. Aikido is not a martial art, O'sensei never spoke of martial arts when refering to Aikido, in his Kanji the 'AI' in Aikido refers only to Love and Affection of Ki. Aikido comes from martial arts and is not bound within a category, it is outside restricted and limited thought.

In a physical sense, although derived from samurai self defense arts and brutal warrior techniques designed to crush an opponent on the battlefield, Aikido is non violent. Aikido teaches fluidity, solidity and stability Aikido is empowering and dynamic, utilizing the bodies muscle groups unilaterally. Using the elements of contraction and expansion as used in dance arts and also gymnastics. The physical body is shaped and tuned evenly and proportionally toned and strengthened.

True strength is emitted from a strong and stable centre outwardly in spirals through the limbs. Power is often released as a whipping motion similar to movements observed in nature. There are no competitions in Aikido and people are never pitted against one another. There are no winners or losers, partners train together in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect. People of all ages, male and female can train together, regardless of experience or level. Anyone can learn to do Aikido well with constant support and guidance. You don’t have to be athletic or have to “get in shape” first. Aikido is a fun aerobic, weight-bearing exercise. It reduces stress and is a relaxing method to raise your energy levels strength and stamina. Aikido will improve balance, co-ordination, flexibility and circulation, develop good posture and awareness. Aikido is practiced by people all over the world. It is fun to do and is a wonderful forum for self development. It is an Art unique in its character while maintaining a core ancient history. Developed for the modern age and the modern warrior.

Chicko Xerri. 5th dan

Senior Instructor
Aikido Centre Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast.

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